William is a manager within PwC Space Practice, based in Paris. He has been working more than 7 years in advisory related to the space industry and the data economy. He has been advising public and private space organisation in strategic assignments ranging from socio-economic impact assessment of new space policy or programme, to innovative data-driven business models and go-to-market strategies. His areas of expertise are space economics, user needs assessment, business modelling and go-to-market strategies. Despite his work on satellite communication and navigation, William has a strong interest on the geospatial & multi-intelligence market, with a recent focus on the dissemination and adoption of satellite data, fused with other conventional sources of data, within non-traditional end-users.

William has previously worked for three years in economic assessment with Mosaic – HEC Montréal as a subcontractor for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), assessing the innovation spillover impacts derived from the overall public investment into space activities in Canada over the period 2004 – 2014. William has then joined the Space Practice of Booz & Company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The core of the activities was relying on economic impact assessment, market characterisation and strategy assignments for institutional clients such as the European Commission (EC) or the European Space Agency (ESA). He has joined PwC France as Senior Associate in October 2016, and he is now manager within PwC Space Practice. He is notably leading the new PwC offer “Insights from Space” that aims at unlocking the potential of satellite data for PwC’ customers and for their internal consulting and advisory assignments.