Do I buy my own plane ticket?2022-02-04T14:59:28-05:00

Yes. The purchase of the plane ticket is the responsibility of each participant of the Summer School.

The selected itinerary must ensure that the participant is present at the beginning of the program in the city indicated and that the departure from Montreal to Barcelona is on July 1.

The following dates are important for your reservations:

  • June 23, 2022: start of the program in Montreal
  • July 1, 2022 (in PM): departure for Barcelona
  • July 8, 2022: last day of the program in Barcelona

Due to the uncertainties of Covid-19, we strongly recommend that you purchase a refundable or changeable ticket.

Am I responsible for obtaining the visa?2022-02-04T14:59:45-05:00

Each participant is responsible for verifying if a visa is required for travel to Canada and/or Spain.  Participants who, on an individual basis, require a visa, may contact the Mosaic team to obtain the necessary documents and support.

What is included in the registration fee?2022-02-04T15:00:02-05:00

The registration fee includes all breakfasts and lunches, as well as some evening meals. It also includes all academic activities, professional visits, access to program activities and educational materials. Airfare and accommodation are not included in the Summer School registration fee.

When is the registration fee due?2022-02-04T15:00:46-05:00

The registration fee must be paid in full before the start of the program and no later than June 1, 2022. Your registration in the program will be confirmed once payment has been verified by our accounting department.

What payment methods can I use?2022-02-04T15:01:02-05:00

By credit card

It is possible to pay online with a personal or business credit card. Your registration in the program will be confirmed only when your card is charged.

Are the tuition fees (3 credits) included in the Summer School program fees?2022-02-04T15:01:19-05:00

No. You must pay your 3 credit tuition fees to the registrar separately.

See: https://www.hec.ca/etudiants/frais-de-scolarite/index.html

Where can I stay during my stay?2022-02-04T15:02:22-05:00

In Montreal :

We suggest that you book accommodations on AirBnB . We recommend that you choose an accommodation located near a metro station and close to the center of Montreal.

You can also book a hotel room:

Hilton Garden Inn

380 Sherbrooke Street West

514-840-0010 or 1-877-840-0010

Hilton Garden Inn

179 Corporate rate offered at HEC Montreal

To book directly online and get this rate, click :


Le Cantlie Suites Hotel

1110 Sherbrooke Street West

(514) 842-2000


194 $ with discount :


*The discount on the regular rate applies under Private Offer simply for those who register their email.

In Barcelona :

Of course, you can find cheaper hotels. The only condition is to be close to a metro station, for the rest, Barcelona is excellent in public transport.

AirBnB is also an option.

Will I receive a certificate at the end of the program?2022-02-04T15:02:38-05:00

A certificate of participation will be issued to participants who complete the entire program.

Is there a dress code?2022-02-04T15:02:56-05:00

Our participants tend to dress business casual. We do recommend, however, that you dress in layers, as not everyone feels comfortable at the same room temperature.

Are there any special considerations regarding vaccinations?2022-02-04T15:03:17-05:00

Each Summer School participant must be vaccinated and will be required to provide proof of vaccination.  All participants must ensure that they meet the Quebec and Barcelona requirements in effect at the time of the Summer School. In the case of Quebec, the vaccination passport is required for all public activities.

For information on vaccination requirements in Quebec: Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

In addition, it is important to ensure that you meet the entry (and/or return) requirements for Canada and Spain.

Are there any special considerations regarding insurance?2022-02-04T15:03:35-05:00

It is mandatory and your responsibility to verify your insurance coverage and obtain medical travel insurance including COVID related reasons valid for the full duration of the trip.  It is mandatory that you provide a copy of this insurance to the program directors before your arrival in Montreal and/or departure to Barcelona.

It is strongly recommended to have a cancellation and interruption insurance including COVID related reasons.

What is the cancellation policy?2022-02-04T15:03:51-05:00

All cancellations of participation must be reported by email to mosaic@hec.ca

Cancellation requests must be received by email no later than 14 days prior to the start of the Summer School to receive a full refund of the program fee. Restrictions apply for international payments.

Students who have received a scholarship payment will be required to refund the full amount of the scholarship.

Cancellation requests received less than 14 days prior to the start of the Summer School are not eligible for a refund.

In the event of cancellation, HEC Montréal and the University of Barcelona are not responsible for reimbursing any ancillary costs incurred (e.g. airfare, accommodation, insurance, other…)

Any other questions?2022-02-04T15:04:06-05:00

Contact the Mosaic team by email: mosaic@hec.ca

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