Senior Advisor-Ecosystem Relations
Maison de l’innovation sociale

All paths that lead to social innovation are inevitably unconventional. Melanie’s path was rooted in one of the life sciences: biology. This is probably where she developed her ability to keep both the immensely large and the infinitely small – the systemic and the local – in perspective. Her studies in biology, her career in the socio-environmental milieu, and her involvement in social innovation have led her into a variety of situations where she has developed the ability to act and interact with people with different intentions and languages. Naturally empathetic, she can listen, which is essential for building positive human relationships and generating change. Since 2013, she has been involved in the Quebec and Canadian social innovation ecosystems understanding their various languages ​​and perspectives. In this diversity of visions, she finds a wealth of ideas necessary to resolve our most glaring issues.

A challenge? “To help stakeholders in the social innovation ecosystem, whatever their vision on approach, forge ties and strengthen their capacity to collectively resolve complex challenges”.