Head of Fabrique de l’hospitalité

 Trained in history and art history, she has worked on the architecture of public institutions in the 19th century. This preoccupation with meaningful architecture to embody the values of public service remains at the heart of all her projects today. She continued her studies at the Institute of Business Administration (IAE) in Montpellier where she obtained a degree in management engineering.

Ms. Carrier was recruited in 2001 to create the position of Head of the Cultural Delegation of the University Hospitals of Strasbourg (HUS) within the framework of the “Culture in the Hospital” program established between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Health. From the outset, this service will go beyond a role of programming cultural activities to position itself as a unit to accompany change by enhancing and translating, in a forward-looking dimension, the medical and nursing project of the institution. The cultural projects undertaken are at the service of the hospital organization, not hesitating to question the meaning of the action, to formulate issues related to representations and professional practices as well as to the existing links between the hospital and its environment and between professionals and patients. In 2012, this space for meeting, reflection, experimentation and action was accredited as an innovation laboratory under the name of “Fabrique de l’hospitalité” which she now runs with Anne-Laure Desflaches and Anne Regnault, both service designers and senior project managers.

Christelle Carrier’s mission as head of this innovation laboratory is to create spaces of possibility so that everyone can contribute to the construction of the contemporary hospital: hospital users (patients, staff, visitors), designers, artists, social science experts, institutional partners. In addition, it is involved in a local and national network to defend these innovative practices within public institutions.