Creativity Consultant, Workshop Leader & Author

I am passionate about developing creativity through art. I believe that through the artistic process, everyone can discover their own unique creativity. As Artistic Expert at Cirque du Soleil for 20 years, I designed the Artistic Creativity Training for all the CDS Creations and Touring Shows, as well as mentoring dance coaches at CDS’ MJOne & LOVE. At Cirque, through years of innovative experimentation, exploration, and coaching, I developed the art of teaching creativity and how to transform athletes into artists. A life-long movement expert, I graduated from the Royal Ballet School and performed with The National Ballet of Canada; Les Grands Ballets Canadiens; Desrosiers Dance Theatre and then became a reputed teacher at The Superior Ballet School, before joining CDS.

Through dance I discovered how to connect the imagination with physical expression, and how to express emotions and story through the art of Creative Movement. In 2017, I began my career as Creativity Consultant, and have directed Creativity & Innovation Workshops for Mosaic HEC 2017-2020 (Management & Creativity School); Mosaic Creativity Forum in Lithuania 2018; CREATOYO 2019, Toyo University, Japan and in 2021 at South Carolina Business University. This summer, I will direct online Creative Games workshops at HEC Mosaic 2021 and ArtIST-ICA (Innovation, Creativity & Arts) 2021.