Co-Founder & CCO

After putting his 20 years of IT experience to work for hospitals, space agencies and urban storage infrastructures, Alexandre Le Bouthillier has transformed his understanding of large-scale systems to improve diagnosis and treatment in the healthcare sector. Today, Mr. Le Bouthillier works with world-renowned physicians and artificial intelligence experts to revolutionize the speed and accuracy of treatment, and ultimately clinical outcomes for patients. He sits on the boards of MILA, IVADO, MEDTEQ and Montreal InVivo. Alexandre holds a Ph.D. in parallel computing and optimization from the University of Montreal. He co-founded Imagia, whose mission is to harness the full potential of data from all medical organizations with which his team collaborates to achieve medical breakthroughs.

Alexandre Le Bouthillier completed a post-doctorate at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). He is the co-founder of Planora, a company combining artificial intelligence and optimization. Alexandre served as Vice President of Science & Technology at RedPrairie (now JDA Software) following the acquisition of Planora. He is a co-founder of Imagia, a company working in the fight against cancer through the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, a member of the board of directors of MILA (Institut Québécois de l’Intelligence Artificielle, headed by Prof. Yoshua Bengio), a member of the board of directors of IVADOMEDTEQ and Montreal InVivo.

An angel investor, he invests talent and capital in technology companies and is the recipient of numerous merit scholarships from NSERC, FCAR, Bombardier, Delcan, ATC, CRT, and has interests in operations research, artificial intelligence (machine learning, deep learning), health, oncology, big data, the brain, and cloud infrastructure.