Week 1 : Montreal, 21-29 June, 2018

*Program subject to change without notice.

HEC Montréal
A conversation with the Director and Chief Curator of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on the power of the arts. The conference will be followed by a cocktail.
HEC Montréal
Understand the fundamentals of the creative economy. Experience it through an innovative Design Thinking workshop. Apply your creativity in the omelette competition!
With P. Cohendet, L. Simon, N. Billou, J. Valls, M. Pareja-Eastaway
Société des arts technologiques (SAT)
Rethinking business models for arts and cultural organisations and projects. Art therapy workshop. Large scale events & creativity. Jazz improvisation workshop.
With L. Simon, K. Dean, E. Turkina, H. Sweeney (tbc)
City of Magog / Domaine Les Brome
How do you identify the most promising areas of growth for a region? How can policy-makers best take into account the regional economy’s strengths and weaknesses, its cultural and social realities to develop a well-founded regional innovation strategy? The art of winemaking: discover the vineyard of Leon Courville.
With P. Cohendet, L. Simon, Magog Technopole Team (tbc), L. Courville (tbc)
CHU Sainte-Justine
Innovation ecosystems in healthcare: comparing the ecosystems of Barcelona, Strasbourg, Lille, and Montreal. New models of open innovation labs. Creativity, innovation and IPR in medical research. C-K workshop.
With R. Jacob, L. Sirois, K. Malas, M. Agogué, C-E. Aubin (tbc), F. Brunet (tbc)
Bombardier Aeronautics / Espace CDPQ (tbc)
The digital revolution is disrupting business models, and changing social relationships and well established habits. Understand the impact of artificial intelligence, big data and the IoT through case studies of large corporations and consortia (Bombardier, CRIAQ, TKM, Element AI, Ivado).
With P. Cohendet, D. Faubert, M. Beaulieu (tbc), C. Lecante, B. Oreshkin, J. Bengio (tbc)

Meet with the co-author of the best seller Business Model Generation

Cirque du Soleil / La TOHU
With B. Petiot, B. Matthieu, P. Daoust, C. Maggs, S. Lavoie
Discover some of the secrets of a creative industry giant. Discuss with creators & artists. Transform yourself into an artist. Discover the TOHU, an example of sustainable development through culture.
HEC Montréal / Ubisoft
Understand the management of creative processes, collaborative management & the role of knowledge communities of the largest videogame studio in the world.
With C. Orvoine, L. Simon
Montreal’s A space for Life
Humanizing museums. Learn to design, develop and implement ‘living spaces’ for a wide audience.
With C-M. Brunelle, A. Charpentier

Week 2 : Berlin, 1-4 July and Barcelona 5-9 July, 2018

*Program subject to change without notice.

Freie Universität Berlin / Holzmarkt
Understanding how different temporal-spatial contexts and their particular modes of governance influence creative processes. Discover the Holzmarkt Cooperative for urban living.
With P. Cohendet, J. Sydow, A. Melchior, T. Theel, L. Vogelgsang
Freie Universität Berlin / Telekom / Ableton / SAP
Discussion on the role of intellectual property rights in creative processes, and reflection on the importance and risks of secrecy. Visits, meetings, presentations and roundtables with leading German industrialists.
With J. Costas, B. Otto
Freie Universität Berlin / Adlershof Science and Technology Park
In an increasingly virtual world, why does co-presence (proximity of actors) become essential to manage certain creative activities? Creativity and innovation in photonics.
With G. Grabher, A. Melchior, J. Sydow
Fundacio Alicia
The courage to create: lessons from avant-garde & traditional catalan cuisine.
With F. Adria (tbc), J. Biarnes, P. Solé Parelleda, Y. Duytsche
Institute of Photonic Science (ICFO) / Pati Manning / 7 Portes
Creativity and innovation in photonics. Two artists’ personal reflections on dance.
With L. Torné, J. Perello, C. Gelabert, L. Azzopardi
Roca Gallery / 22@ / Media-TIC
Learn creative strategies for product design. Discover the architectural creativity of Barcelona, a mix of modernity and tradition.
With A. Carulla, J. Congost, J.M. Lopez Urdiales (tbc). M. Pareja-Eastaway, E. Ruiz-Geli (tbc)
Institute of Next
Learn the latest trends & examples of new workspaces around the world. Participate in a workshop to define the best innovation space. Discover Barcelona’s start-up ecosystem.
With A. Cornella, Claro Partners, C. Tham, P. Torres
CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona) / Paranimf
*Program subject to change without notice.