International reference in the field of management of creativity and innovation, the Summer School offers to its participants a unique and inspiring experience through a new way to learn together.

The Summer School on Management of Creativity is a place where to

Learn from 70 other participants from diverse backgrounds (university, industry, institutions) and from 10 different countries

Experience 15 days of immersion in 2 different cities, Montreal and Barcelona, that are famous for their energy and creativity (visits to innovative businesses and creative organizations, creativity workshops)

Meet with renowned creators, professors, and creativity managers from a wide variety of disciplines (new technology, design, architecture, gastronomy, arts and entertainment, gaming…)



At the summer school, we learn by doing. We play. We experiment. We observe. We shape. We encourage people to think outside the box. We embrace creativity.



People can leverage their differences to become better thinkers, better leaders, better creators, and better innovators. We believe in combining disciplines, approaches, and view points. We embrace diversity.



Human values are at the heart of our approach. We listen to each other. We help each other. We inspire each other. We learn from each other. Producing the best solution to the most complex challenges is best achieved together. We celebrate collaboration.

Who should attend

  • Professionals and decision-makers
  • Management consultants
  • Professors and researchers
  • Graduate students

Key benefits

  • Develop new business models
  • Increase your organisation’s capacity for creativity and innovation
  • Unleash your own creative potential
  • Learn new creative practices from a diversity of fields
  • Establish an international network


Cirque du Soleil« A high quality truly inspiring program. The people I met, the presentations and the curriculum provided me with an enriching experience… I will recommend this program without hesitation to my colleagues, and to all those who are called upon to manage creative talents in their companies. »

Bernard PETIOT, Vice-President, Casting and performance
Cirque du Soleil

ubisoft« The diversity of the industries visited, of the participants, the cultures and the curriculum provided me with new perspectives on the management of the creative process… I can now better address the challenges encountered in my daily work. »

Stephan LOGIER, Director (design)

Eurovia - Vinci« Creativity is a key element of the develoment of companies. I acquired new management practices from a wide range of creative industries that I can apply to my work at Eurovia. It was an exceptional experience. »

Ivan DROUADAINE, Research Manager

Astral Radio« A unique experience… I was able to broaden my knowledge on the creative process and share and compare experiences with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Placing creativity at the heart of your organization can only be a winning situation. »

France GODARD, General Manager, National Sales ans Creative Media
Astral Radio

Réalisations« The Summer School approach is extremely valuable. It allows the cross-fertilization of ideas and competencies well beyond its 2-week duration. »

Roger PARENT, President

«One of the highlights of this experience is to get participants environment img_1296053064677 where  innovation and creativity happen [...] These movements generate emotion, arouse sharing, confronting the speeches to various sensations and allow thinking beyond simple representations.»

Gilles Garel, Teacher,
Conservatoire national des arts et métiers et École polytechnique

«This is in my opinion like being part of a big family wich member have completelyActivar-logo-Web-RGB-e1431543115305 unique and different experiences. If I ever feel that my business or I need mentoring or counseling, I know that Mosaic will always be there.»

Matthieu Mault, President,

«It also gave me new ideas to implement in my business  innovative processeslogo-ireq-Blanc. My  promotion colleagues brought me a new vision and tools that I have not in my network [...] The interaction between students , teachers and professionals, it allowed something ... magical.»

Mylène Mastrotefano, Legal and Intellectual Property Advisor,

Hydro Quebec - Ireq (research institut of Hydro - Quebec)

«I found there not only friends but business partners.The people with whom I create businesses347386
today shares the same physical space than us ! So our summer school relationship went really far, it's been like a business incubation space, but also friendship. During the summer school , there are several people that not work in the same industry than you and this is what makes the whole point of the concept.»

Yves Lapierre, Founder and Administrative Counsel President ,

FLOE design + technologies INC.