President-Rector, Université Catholique de Lille

Former HR Manager and Group Skills Development Manager at France Telecom, founder and manager of the ENIC (Telecom Lille), former Managing Director of ISEN (institut Supérieur de l’Électronique et du Numérique, Pierre Giorgini was elected as Vice-Chancellor of Lille Catholic University and Rector of the six Faculties in 2012.

Under his leadership, Lille Catholic University is developing a whole infrastructure of technological, social and pedagogical innovations in specially adapted spaces, innovative ecosystems and learning zones used by academic staff, students and companies.

Author of La Transition fulgurante (Bayard, 2014),

[The Lightening Transition], La Fulgurante recréation (2016) [Dazzling Recreation], de Au crépuscule des lieux (2016) [Changing Places], de « La tentation d’Eugénie. L’Humain face à son destin », (Bayard, 2018, Prix spécial de l’Académie des Sciences morales et politiques), he is passionate about innovation and more broadly about the fantastic developments which it gives rise to or accompanies in our businesses or more broadly in our society.

His last book « La crise de la joie. Et s’il suffisait d’écouter le Vivant ! » has just been published in March.