Innovation consultant at laboratoire d’innovation urbaine de Montréal and
Leader – Recruitment at Cohabitat Espace-Co cohabitât Montréal

With an M.A. in musicology and an M.Sc. in management, Marie-Andrée was a musician, author and visual artist for several years before discovering the wonderful world of design thinking, facilitation and collective intelligence. She is now an innovation advisor at the Montreal Urban Innovation Laboratory.

Feeling a need for new alternative to housing in Montreal that would be both affordable and socially richer, Marie-Andrée and her husband Maxime decided in 2019 to start the first cohousing project in Montreal, Cohabitât Espace-Co Montreal. This ambitious project includes more than 20 people who share common values and who work to achieve a shared vision of having nice people living a nice social lifestyle in a nice building at an affordable price.