El negro está de moda

Mabel has more than 12 years of experience, managing social, cultural and economic programs as well as building partnerships in Colombia, Germany, Egypt, Bolivia and Canada. Her work has mainly focused on areas such as sustainable development, human rights, public policies and transparency. Originally from Colombia, she lives in Montréal since 2014 with her two girls and husband. In 2016, Mabel and her sister participated in the first Social Business Creation Programme, with a project called “El negro está de moda”, aimed at fighting discrimination in Colombia. Their project was selected as first among the 5 team that best perform in round 2 and as third among the three finalists After the competition, Mabel and her sister established a social enterprise called Nuestro Flow and are now running several initiatives in Colombia, Chile and Peru and working with different public and private partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank and the city of Bogotá. Mabel combines her time working as co-founder and responsible of business development at Nuestro Flow with her role as Head of the Canadian branch of Vigeo Eiris, an European company offering tools and research to investors with the aim to promote responsible investments by integrating the way companies manage their social, environmental and governance risks into the investment decision process.