Université Catholique de Lille

Vice-President Innovation

Jean-Charles Cailliez is a researcher who works at the interface between the world of business and the university world. He holds a Doctorate degree in Biological Sciences and an Executive MBA. He is Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Catholic University of Lille where he teaches in the science, medicine and engineering schools. He was Vice-Rector, Dean and Research Fellow for 15 years at INSERM and then at the Institut Pasteur in Lille. Today he is the Director of a Laboratory of Pedagogical Innovation and Vice-President of Innovation at his university. He supports transdisciplinarity for teachers who wish to practice new forms of pedagogy (inverted or reversed classes). He participates in the creation of “learning communities” in the fields of education and of management. He uses creative methods and collaborative working tools (co-design, design thinking, co-working,) linked to collective intelligence. Finally, he is a seasoned marathon runner.