Founder, Centaury

Frédéric TOUVARD is founder and CEO of CENTAURY France and CENTAUREE Canada, entities that specialize in coaching and disruptive innovation. As a certified coach, for the past 8 years, he has been supporting companies in their transformation encouraging two essentials strategic lines. The first one promotes the human dimension through individual and collective coaching. The second, concerns the implementation of methods and tools to open up new fields of strategic exploration. It also brings the required skills to pilot projects with increased levels of risk and high added value.

Frederic manages of the Renault innovation community for 10 years

He is Associate Professor in Innovation Management at CNAM Paris and is an Expert in project management a APM (Association Progrès du management)

Frederic is the author of « Le manager explorateur, le management de projet par enjeux, un catalyseur d’innovation » Edition Presse internationale Polytechnique,

and the co-author of the section about Renault in « Les communautés d’Innovation » – Edition EMS 2017.

Before that, Frederic has scientific and technical backgrounds in the aerospace field, having worked for 15 years with the AIR LIQUIDE Group. During those years, he was tasked in a variety of projects, including design and installation of industrial unitsl, as well as work oriented towards research and innovation. His responsibilities led him to work on board the Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier, on coordinating and starting up the oxygen and nitrogen unit. He was also in charge of the Hydrogen fuel cells, a critical aspect of Jean-Louis Etienne’s North Pole expedition. His work then put him at the helm of the development of new technologies in Hydrogen and fuel cell systemes, managing a team of 50 people for the development and opening of new markets. Namely, the opportunity for the rental of silent generators for film industy in Los Angeles (Hollywood). Finally, he was also coordinator for the AIR LIQUIDE group’s international fuel cell R & D program.