Researcher, University of Toronto

Elena Goracinova is a post-doc at the Munk School of Global Affairs’ Innovation Policy Lab. She received her Master’s degree in geography from the University of Toronto with a thesis on manufacturing in developed economies. Elena is completing her dissertation on how traditional automotive jurisdictions transition toward connected, autonomous and electric vehicles. Her work has been published in Canadian Public Policy, Geography Compass, and the journal Business & Politics. She also co-authored a chapter in the book The Global Automotive Industry (2015), titled “Recent Trends in Manufacturing Innovation Policy for the Automotive Sector: A Survey of the United States, Mexico, European Union, Germany and Spain.”  In her post-doc, she will build on her work on the automotive industry to understand the deployment of digital mobility and logistics services in urban areas. She is also currently working as a research fellow alongside Professor David A. Wolfe in the Digital Mobilities Lab.