Health Research Advisor, IVADO

For 10 years, Barbara Decelle led several research projects at the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer (IRIC). During her work on cellular mechanisms involved in the control of cell shape, she discovered data science. Her interest and curiosity for this field led her to develop her skills in this discipline but also to share this passion with the whole community. She joined IVADO as a Health Research Advisor where she works to bring together health research actors and data science experts to foster the emergence of innovative projects resulting from the collaboration between these two fields of research that she is passionate about.

To support progress in digital health and to put people at the center of these transformations, the Foundation’s initiatives are based on three strategic axes:

  • Promote ethical research and innovations
  • Promoting access to health data for therapeutic purposes and for a learning health system
  • Developing the talent pool in digital health