Director, Strategic Development & Innovation, Les 7 Doigts de la main

My passion is to build the future of live performance. Finding how technology can enhance human artistic performance and help us tell better stories.

A self-starter and creative entrepreneur, I like to challenge and disrupt old models. A great promoter and salesperson, I enjoy both designing high-level strategy and getting my hands dirty with tactical execution. I have successfully launched businesses in a wide variety of industries.

Currently, as Director of Strategic Development and Innovation at 7 Fingers, I lead the company’s efforts in exploring new business concepts, new products and technologies, and new markets. And of course, I help our company navigate the Metaverse.

Over 10 years of experience in building new businesses in the UAE and developing foreign businesses in the GCC. I have supported start-ups in their global expansion.

Developer of unique cultural concepts such as street festivals. Business development of innovative destination concepts. Working with international cultural leaders to bring and adapt their concepts to the Middle East. Building an ecosystem for cultural entrepreneurs and artists.

Specialties: cultural engineering, festival management, business immigration, real estate, cultural training, event planning, project financing.