Zero 2 Infinity
Founder & CEO

Sparked by his lifetime exposure to rockets, balloons, and Space exploration projects in which his father was involved, Jose Mariano became an entrepreneur in 2009 when he founded Zero 2 Infinity.

He set himself to change the way we go to Space. An MIT-grad, from Aero/Astro, he’s convinced that frequent and low cost access to Space is around the corner. And it does not require new technologies, just using what exists in a different way. This will enable constellations of microsatellites to better connect and protect the Earth. Even affordable Space Tourism is possible.

To prepare himself to start Zero 2 Infinity he worked at Boeing Phantom Works, the Boston Consulting Group and the European Space Agency. Surrounded by a group of talented youngsters and industry veterans, with Zero 2 Infinity, he’s proving there are no limits.