Gelabert is one of the most influential Spanish choreographers and dancers of the moment. An emblematic and highly versatile artist, he has made a notable contribution towards the creation of a dance culture in Spain.  Dancer choreographer and director. Cesc Gelabert was born in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain).

He began his dance studies in 1969 when a girlfriend brought him into contact with Ana Maleras’s studio, where she was taking classes. Soon he was a part of Maleras’s group, studying jazz, contemporary and other techniques, while starting to experiment with his choreography. His dedication to football continued, and every weekend he would still play as captain of his team. Simultaneously, he was studying architecture for some years at the University in Barcelona, eventually giving up to become a dancer.

Gelabert’s early dance training was with Anna Maleras, joining her group in 1969. In 1972, Gelabert created his first choreography, followed by his first solo Accio 0 (1973) collaborating with artist Frederic Amat.
Accio 1 (1976) in collaboration with his sister Toni Gelabert and F. Amat performed at Sala Vinçon and Teatre Lliure, Barcelona and other venues.
He continued performing some evenings in cabaret, and taking jazz and contemporary classes with guest teachers. His favorite teacher being Matt Mattox, with whom he took classes in London.

Returning to Barcelona he formed his first dance group, whose début production was entitled Ver-estiu-altumne-ivern-1, a work for seven performers. 1976 was the year of his first performance at the Teatre Lliure.

In 1978 he decided to go to New York, enabling him first-hand contact with the New York dance scene. He decided to stay for two years. While working during the day doing various jobs, in the evenings he started creating group works with postmodern dancers, and new solos for himself.
My Old Corduroy Suit was to be his first New York solo, and was presented at the Kitchen theatre, to good reception, enabling him to be an active member of the New York dance community.

In 1980, returning to Barcelona, he began to collaborate with dancer Lydia Azzopardi, performing throughout Spain and festivals in France and Italy.  The founder and director of Teatre Lliure invited them to become associates, enabling Gelabert Azzopardi to co-produce with the theatre, and present the works for extended periods of time. Gelabert Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa has been the resident dance company of Teatre Lliure Barcelona, since 2003 until 2012.

His recent productions are: Foot-ball 2015, in co-production with El Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Mediapro and the sponsorship of FC Barcelona and Written on air 2016, a solo in which he interprets with voice and movement texts of Valère Novarina.